Frequently asked questions related to the corona virus situation

We understand that many people are concerned right now regarding the corona virus situation and are therefore thinking about their mortgage and savings accounts.

We will continuously update this page with answers to frequently asked questions regarding this.


I have suffered an income loss, is it possible for me to alter my amortization plan?

If you find yourself in a situation that affects your personal finances and makes it difficult for you to meet up with the amortization commitments of your mortgage, we can help you reduce or pause the amortization of your mortgage for a period of time. The sooner we find out about your challenges, the easier it will be for us to help you.

Amortization relief possible for those affected by a loss in income due to the corona situation

The spread of the corona virus has caused many households to face financial stress. Therefore, we will give you the opportunity to pause the amortization of your mortgage for 6 or 12 months if you, or any of your co-borrowers, have suffered an income loss on this ground. This would mean that during this time, you will only pay interest costs on your mortgage. This application can be done via the internet bank or in our app. When we receive your application, we will give you a reply within a few days.

Once the months of amortization relief have passed, you may reapply to extend your amortization relief period if the situation is unchanged.

Should I have a fixed interest rate on my mortgage or not?

How do I change the interest rate on my morgage to a fixed interest rate?

Loans with 3 months interest rate
If you have a loan with a variable interest rate (3 months interest rate), you can choose to change to a fixed interest rate on your mortgage whenever you want via our internet bank or in the app. You can also see which loans you can change to a fixed interest rate, including the interest rate we can offer you now. Log in to the internet bank and select the option "Bind ditt lån". On the app, you can change to a fixed interest rate under the tab "Boende".

Changing to a fixed interest rate for mortgages which previously had a fixed interest rate
When your interest adjustable period is about to expire and the change of terms and conditions day regarding your mortgage is approaching, then it is time to start thinking about whether you should change to another fixed interest rate or not. About 5 weeks before your loan has its terms and conditions change day, you can choose a new fixed interest rate period via the internet bank or in the app. There you can also see the interest rate we offer now. Keep in mind that the new interest rate and the new terms and conditions of your loan are finally determined and valid from the change of terms and conditions date.

Prepayment of your loans
If you have a fixed interest rate on your mortgage and would like to change it before your current interest adjustable period expires, it is possible. All you need to do is to contact us by phone. Keep in mind that if you want to prepay your loan, it may mean that you have to pay an interest compensation for the remaining part of the interest adjustable period of your loan. Call us using the number 0771-45 30 00 and we will help you to calculate what the cost would be for the mortgage you want to prepay.

What do I do if I get sick or become unemployed and find it difficult to repay my mortgage?

I'm am worried about my personal finances due to the corona situation. Can I apply for an amortization relief already?

We understand that you are concerned under the circumstances. We can help you with an amortization relief if you get an actual loss of income related to the corona situation. If this occurs, you can apply for amortization relief via the internet bank or in the app.

Will you raise interest rates as a result of the corona crisis?

Our ambition is always to have competitive interest rates. If the interest rate situation in the market changes broadly, our borrowing costs are normally also going to be affected, and then we may have reason to adjust our interest rates. No one can say today exactly how the corona crisis will affect the mortgage rates.

Normally, however, interest rates are low during recessions, but if the crisis develops into a financial crisis, the so-called risk premiums may rise, which may increase the interest rates. In such a situation, Riksbanken (The Central Bank) is expected to take actions that lower rates.

I have an approved loan application with SBAB Bank and will soon move into my new home, but now I am worried about being unemployed. Will SBAB Bank withdraw my application?

We will not, as a consequence of corona, withdraw your granted application. If you as a customer experiences changes in your finances that affect your ability to repay your mortgage, please contact us so that we together can review your situation. Our starting point is that we always want to help you in the best way we can.

Savings account

Deposit guarantee - how does it work?

How many savings accounts can I have at SBAB?

You can have a maximum of 5 savings accounts with SBAB. Please note that the deposit guarantee applies per person and not per savings account.