Pay by direct debit

Interest and amortization is directly transferred from your bank account on the due date when you pay by direct debit. It is easy and completely free of charge for you.

How it is done

Download the form. Note that the form is in Swedish. If you have any problems filling it out - don't hesitate to call us.

When you have filled out the form, send it without postage (within Sweden) to:

SBAB Svarspost
650 300 401

You will see on your next invoice if your notification has been registered. If so, it will say that the amount due will be transferred from your bank account by direct debit.

If the invoice looks the same as before, your notification is not yet registered. This means that you need to pay your invoice the usual way.

Combine direct debit and electronic invoice

Make your payments even easier. SBAB has electronic invoice as a way to pay your invoice. If you choose to pay your bills from SBAB by electronic invoice, the invoice is sent electronically to your Internet bank and paid by direct debit on the due date. That way you won't even get the invoice in your mailbox.

Learn more about electronic invoice