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Electronic invoice - FAQ

What is electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is sent to a company's customers via the customers Internet bank, where can be viewed digitally.

How do I apply for electronic invoice?

Log on to your Internet bank and find the list of companies who offer electronic invoices. From that list, you choose SBAB and provide us with the information we require. We will confirm your application by e-mail, to the address you have stated in the application.

How do I cancel my registration for electronic invoice?

Log on to your Internet bank and find the information for cancelling electronic invoice. Follow the given instructions for cancellation.

How do I know that I have an electronic invoice at my Internet bank?

You have to remember to log on to your Internet bank to check if electronic invoices have arrived for approval. Once you are registered for electronic invoice you will no longer receive invoices by mail.

Will I still receive invoices by mail?

No, once you are registered for electronic invoice you will no longer receive invoices by mail from SBAB.

What information will I find on the electronic invoice?

The electronic invoice contains the same information as a regular invoice from SBAB. You will find information on loan number, interest rate, interest expenses and possible amortization.

When is an approved invoice withdrawn from my account?

When you have approved an invoice at your Internet bank, your bank will make sure that it is paid on the due date.

Can I combine electronic invoice and direct debit?

Yes, you can apply for electronic invoice when you pay by direct debit. That way you can avoid invoices from SBAB in your mail. If you want to see the invoice after payment you can do so at your Internet bank.

What time of month do I receive the electronic invoice?

At the same time of month as you would normally receive your regular invoice.

Will the due date change?

No, you have the same time period to approve the electronic invoice as you have to pay a regular invoice from SBAB.

What happens if I miss a payment?

In case you don?t approve an electronic invoice before its due date, we will send you a regular invoice as a reminder. A reminder is never sent electronically.

Can I pay someone else's invoice via my Internet bank?

No, the receiver of the invoice must be the same person as the legal owner of the account.

Do I need any special equipment?

No, if your computer is compatible with Internet banking it will also work for electronic invoices.

If I have questions about electronic invoice, who do I contact?

If you have questions about the payment, contact your bank. If you have questions about the information included in the invoice, contact SBAB. You are welcome to contact us at 020-45 30 00 or via e-mail here.

Which banks participate?

Danske Bank, FöreningsSparbanken, Handelsbanken, ICA Banken, Länsförsäkringar Bank, Nordea, SkandiaBanken, SEB, Sparbanken Finn, Sparbanken Gripen and Stadshypotek Bank.

Can I see my invoices at

Yes, you can always see your invoices on Mina sidor (My page) at Log on to Mina sidor and check under the headline Transaktioner.