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The long read about what it’s like working here

SBAB is short for Statens Bostadsfinansieringsaktiebolag. Reasonable abbreviation! It makes it easier, for example, when you have to tell someone where you work.)

SBAB was founded in 1985, with the purpose of financing state mortgages. At the end of that first year, we had four employees.

In 1998 we became famous! Well, at least famous enough to be present on the internet with a digital loan application for private customers. In those days that was enough to become internet celebs.

Of course, we followed the internet boom and in 2004 our automated Decision on Principle was launched. This enabled our customers to receive a credit decision on their screen through our web site within seconds. This sounds self-evident today, but back then we were quite the pioneers!

Since 2016, we are also the proud owners of the search service Booli, which provides us with the largest supply of homes for sale in Sweden. Booli also comprises the service Hittamäklare (Find a Realtor), which is Sweden’s largest service to compare realtors. That was a good and big purchase! Together, we can help our customers through their entire home-buying journey. So Booli was a great acquisition!

In order to be able to help our customers throughout their house-buying journey, we bought a part of Boappa in May 2021. Yay! Neighbours are fun, aren’t they? Boappa is the largest communication platform in Sweden for housing associations, communities and new production projects. With Boappa, we make neighbourhoods flourish and housing associations to work as the collectives they really are.

Today, all of us at SBAB work to achieve better housing and household finances in Sweden. That is why we don’t differentiate between business goals and sustainability goals. Our profit interests? To contribute to a sustainable society – financially, socially and environmentally speaking.
In order to succeed, we work both independently and together. To help us do this, we rely on our values, to work fast and smart, take responsibility for the entire journey, be proud professionals and to succeed together. We like our values. They guide us in the right direction, support us to take own initiatives and to do good things together.
SBAB doesn’t have bank offices that our customers can visit. But we who work here like meeting each other at our offices in Solna, Karlstad, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Do you like wearing a shirt and jacket? Shorts? Pink hair? Slippers? A tie? A college sweater? You can dress any way you like when you work with us. So far though, no one has showed up in their pajamas.
Among our staff we have as many experts as we have co-workers. That means that you too will be an expert. To make sure that you and everyone else feel like the expert you are, we listen to each other, continuously re-evaluate and progress together.

To conclude, we do important work as our business goals are the same as our sustainability goals. We are a value-driven workplace. We want you to be yourself at work. We have an open climate and are looking for you that has an open mind.

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Ask us about things you can’t find the answer to

Do you have any questions about working for us, but can’t find the answers? Here are some of all the nice and smart colleagues that you can talk to about what it’s like working here. Click here and fill in the form and someone from our dream team will get back to you!

Hi there! At work I may be the one you talk to about internal processes and British football. I love talking about when I was there to watch Zlatan make that heel goal against Italy in 2004, as well as telling you how we develop our processes to give our customers the best experience possible. I cooperate with many departments within SBAB to ensure that we work as well and efficiently as possible for our customers.

Jocke, Process Manager

Hi! In Customer Service we work to create personal meetings with our customers in various channels. The best part of our job is that we help them realise their dreams and make smart decisions at the same time. At work, I like it neat and tidy, and my colleagues call me a cleaning nerd. At home, however, I’m quite a messy cook. I love cooking and preferably without sticking to a recipe.

Ana, Customer Relations Officer

Hello! I am the colleague who encourages and supports you to work smart and fast through the entire recruitment process. In addition to discussing potential new employees and our culture, I am happy to invite you to our various associations at SBAB and join me at our gym! What mainly motivates me at work is that I get to be involved and contribute to ensuring that we have the right employees who enjoy their work!

Maria, HR Recruiter

Hello there! I am the colleague who drives progress at work. I love working with people, we have so much to learn from one another. To me, training is not just good for your mental health, I believe in physical activity to feel good and to have a good everyday life. My experience as a tour guide has given me the capability to find courage in challenging situations and to view them as opportunities to grow.

AnnKatrin, Specialist Learning & Development





Kampanj 1

En kampanjyta som används för att länka vidare på sidan. Här kan man till exempel puffa för ett ledigt jobb och driva trafik direkt till platsannonsen.


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