Goal 13: Climate action

Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts.

Our work to achieve the goal:

Real estate, housing and housing accounts for almost 40 percent of total energy use in Sweden. As a bank, we can influence the market, including through our green bonds. SBAB's green bonds function as ordinary bonds, with the exception that debt securities are earmarked to finance or refinance residential properties that, according to a specific framework, meet several criteria for energy efficiency or hold certain environmental certifications. They help finance a climate- conversion of both the economy and society.

By developing products that provide our customers with the opportunity and incentives to invest and implement energy and environmental improvement measures in their homes and real estate, we can contribute to positive social development. Positive effects that are achieved because of lower energy consumption include lower operating costs and better indoor climate.

Our Green loans, aimed at tenant-owner associations and real estate companies, are a loan at extra-favorable interest rates available to customers who intend to implement energy and environmental improvement measures in their properties. We also provide information that helps our customers understand their energy consumption, relative to other property owners, hoping that it will lead to priorities in the maintenance plan and investment in energy-promoting measures.

Our green personal loan, Energilånet, is a loan with a lower interest rate available to customers who intend to implement sustainable investments in their homes.

We work continuously to reduce our own environmental impact. We do not have bank offices but are mainly reached through our digital channels and by phone. This avoids unnecessary transport and operation of a variety of offices around the country, which means that our direct environmental impact is relatively small. Of course, we want to reduce the impact we have. We buy, among other things, green electricity from renewable energy sources to all our offices. The property we rent in Solna is BREEAM-certified as Good.