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Press Releases

  • SBAB issues Green Bond

    On the 4th October 2017, SBAB issued a new Green Bond. The bond is in unsecured format, amounts to SEK 1,750,000,000 and has a maturity of 5 years. The issue was met with substantial demand and was quickly oversubscribed.
    2017-10-05 Pressrelease
  • SBAB First Swedish bank to issue a green bond

    SBAB is the first Swedish bank to issue a green bond. Substantial demand in the capital markets for responsible investments led to the fact that the issue quickly was oversubscribed.
    2016-06-17 Pressrelease
  • Interim report January–March 2016

    SBAB’s CEO, Klas Danielsson, comments:

    2016-04-29 Pressrelease
  • SBAB’s Integrated Annual Report for 2015 available online

    SBAB Bank AB (publ) has today published the following information on its website:

    2016-03-31 Pressrelease
  • Year-end report 2015

    “In December, we found out that we still have Sweden’s most satisfied residential mortgage customers according to Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index, SKI). This makes us incredibly proud.” SBAB’s CEO, Klas Danielsson, comments:
    2016-02-05 Pressrelease
  • Interim report 1 January–30 September 2015

    “Our market share within retail continued to grow, both within lending and deposits, which is highly gratifying and in line with our ambition to grow.”
    2015-10-22 Pressrelease

Regulatory Press Releases

  • Strong development for operating profit

    The third quarter was characterized by high activity, partly due to the strength of the housing market but primarily due to SBAB’s strong competitive position. Lending to property companies and housing developers to finance increased during the quarter and SBAB continued to grow in the residential mortgage market. In terms of performance, with an operating profit of SEK 636 million, the third quarter was a strong quarter for SBAB.
    2020-10-23 Pressrelease
  • New lending at all-time high in Q2

    During the quarter, SBAB has had a very strong focus on supporting and helping residential mortgage-, corporate- and tenant-owners’ association customers. This includes increased accessibility, amortisation exemption, lowering the stressed interest rate used in the housing cost calculation for residential mortgages to 6.0% and increased disclosure of preventative information. It is very pleasing to note that this resulted in the second quarter of 2020 being a record quarter for SBAB, with total new lending of approximately SEK 26 billion. Net interest income and operating profit for the second quarter were also the highest ever for SBAB.
    2020-07-17 Pressrelease
  • The Swedish Covered Bond Corporation (SCBC) Interim Report January–June 2020

    The Swedish Covered Bond Corporation (“SCBC”) (in Swedish: AB Sveriges Säkerställda Obligationer (publ)) Interim Report January–June 2020 is now available for download on
    2020-07-17 Pressrelease
  • SBAB Bank AB (publ) becomes Signatory of the global Principles for Responsible Banking

    SBAB has become an official Signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Banking. This implies that SBAB strengthens the ambition to mitigate global sustainability challenges, meet the Paris Agreement and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals together with other banks.
    2020-06-10 Pressrelease
  • SBAB Interim Report January–March 2020

    SBAB’s Interim Report January–March 2020 is now available for download on .
    2020-04-29 Pressrelease
  • Swedish Covered Bond Corporation (SCBC) AGM 2020

    At the annual general meeting for the Swedish Covered Bond Corporation (SCBC) on April 28th, 2020 Jan Sinclair, Jane Lundgren Ericsson and Klas Danielsson were reelected as members of the board. Jan Sinclair was reelected as chairman of the board.
    2020-04-28 Pressrelease