Our history


SBAB starts operating

Our business started on 1 July 1985 with financing the government housing loans. In the past, these have been financed via the state budget. At the end of the year, we have four employees. SBAB is originally an abbreviation for Statens Bostadsfinansieringsaktiebolag.


Mortgage bonds are abolished

In 1986, the regulations for housing bonds are abolished and all capital is borrowed in competition on the Swedish market.


Established on the Tokyo och London-markets

In July 1989, SBAB takes over the administration of government housing loans from the Housing Authority. However, the credit check and the management of loans at the regional level remain with the County Housing Boards. Currency regulation is abolished and the international capital market is opened to all financial institutions in Sweden. We establish ourselves early on in two major international credit markets: Tokyo and London.


Competition on equal terms

Our competitive lending started in 1991, when we were given the right to issue down payment loans in competition with other housing lenders.


Customer service is established in Karlstad

In 1992, all of SBAB's lending began to be run in-house and our special position on the housing credit market ended. A customer center is established in Karlstad to handle the management of loans taken over from the county housing boards. For some years, credit losses had increased among the loans approved by the authorities. Through a restructuring of the government housing loans with poorer credit quality, parts of our loan portfolio are transferred to Venantius. At the same time, other loans with higher credit quality are acquired. The result is a loan stock of roughly the same size, but of significantly higher quality.


Loan application via internet

In 1998, the loan application for private customers was launched on the web, which quickly developed into an increasingly important sales channel.


The role as a challenger is strengthened

The leverage limit for down payment loans is raised to 75 percent of the market value. The product range is broadened and SBAB can now also offer top loans and down payment loans. SBAB further strengthens its challenger role by being the first on the market to lower the interest rate for condominiums and holiday homes to the same level as the interest rate on houses.

Merger within the group

On October 1, 2003, a merger was carried out within the SBAB group between the parent company and the two wholly owned subsidiaries. The new company name is Sveriges Bostadsfinansieringsaktiebolag, SBAB (publ).


Automated loan promise is launched

In 2004, an automated loan promise is launched, where customers via the website can receive a credit decision directly on the screen within a few seconds.

Several new collaborations begin, including with Ikano Bank and ICA Banken.


Top loans were abolished

The abolition of top loans meant that customers can borrow up to 95 percent of the home's value at the same interest rate. SBAB insures its credit risk between 85 percent and 95 percent.


Covered Bonds are issued for the first time

SBAB broadens its financing techniques and begins to implement securitization transactions. As the first mortgage player in Sweden, SBAB's subsidiary, SCBC, in 2006 issues secured bonds with the highest possible credit ratings from Moody's and Standard & Poor's.


Savings account for private individuals

In April 2007, the product range was expanded to include savings for private individuals. Initially, two account products are offered.


Transparent interest rate setting

SBAB launches a new model for setting mortgage interest rates for private individuals. The model is simple and clear and the interest the customer receives depends on the loan-to-value ratio and the size of the loan.


Deposits to companies and condominium association

SBAB is expanding its operations to offer deposits to companies and condominium associations. The deposit products have a competitive interest rate and simple product terms.


Private loans are launched

After the banking license is granted, SBAB begins to develop additional banking services. In 2010, private loans are launched.

License to conduct banking operations

In December 2009, SBAB submitted an application for permission to conduct banking operations to the Financial Supervisory Authority, which was granted in November 2010.

The value guide offers a free value indication

The value guide is a free service for value indication of condominiums, villas and holiday homes on the internet. In July, the service will also be launched as an application for iPhone and Android mobile phones. The total number of completed value indications both on the web and via the mobile applications exceeded 400,000 at the end of December.


Expands the savings offer

During the year, SBAB supplements its savings offer with the launch of a fund market. Fondtorget offers SBAB Fri – the fee-free fund, three savings funds and 20 optional funds. SBAB's savings funds are based on three different risk profiles adapted to the customer's short, medium or long savings horizon. The savings funds are suitable for everyone, but above all those who do not want to spend a lot of time on their savings. The 20 optional funds are available for customers who choose to put together their own fund portfolio.

Company & Brf are created

In order to increase the efficiency and quality of the business, in September 2013 the previous units Business Market and Home Ownership Association Market were merged into one sales unit – Business & Brf. The new unit has a strategic focus on real estate financing for apartment buildings.


Our core business is mortgages and home financing

At the end of 2014, SBAB decides to once again focus on the company's core business of mortgages and housing financing. The decision means that the development of other banking services such as card and payment services is suspended and that the fund offer is discontinued.


SBAB acquires Booli

In December 2015, SBAB acquires booli.se and HittaMäklare. With the acquisition of Booli, the customer offer is strengthened with content and services within housing and housing economics. At Booli, which has Sweden's largest combined range of homes for sale, we help customers find their next home, value their home and get an overview of final prices. Choosing the right broker can be a decisive factor in sales. With the Hittamäklare service, we guide customers to the best brokers in their particular area when they want to sell.

Green investment loan

In 2015, SBAB is launching a Green investment loan for condominium associations - a loan at a good interest rate to implement environmental improvement measures.


First in Sweden with a green bond

In mid-2016, SBAB became the first bank in Sweden to issue a green bond and has since been a recurring issuer. A green bond actually functions like a regular bond, with the exception that the bond proceeds are intended for environmentally or climate-friendly projects. By buying green bonds, investors can thus participate in financing projects that are sustainable.

Energy loans for sustainable investments

In 2016, a green private loan, Energilånet, was launched. The energy loan is a private loan with an interest rate discount available to customers who intend to make sustainable investments in their homes.


The interest rate match challenges mortgage rates

SBAB's bank app and the Räntematchen service are launched. With Räntematchen, he can compare mortgage interest rates between his current bank and SBAB. When he identifies himself with Mobile BankID to his current bank via the service, SBAB collects information about the size of his mortgage and the interest he pays with the help of our partner Tink. Based on that information and what the estimated value of the home is, a comparison is then made against what the corresponding mortgage would cost in interest at SBAB.

“Household finances are really fun"!

In 2017, a major communication and brand work will begin in the form of "Household finances are really fun!" where throughout the year we work with humor to increase interest and desire for housing economics. The goal was to fill the Globe in Stockholm with 10,000 spectators for our comedy show "Household finances are really fun!" on November 15, 2017, which succeeded. Several of Sweden's leading comedians were on stage.


Green mortgage for energy-efficient customers

SBAB would like to contribute in any way we can to reduce energy consumption in homes. Therefore, in 2018 we are launching a Green mortgage for customers who live in a villa or apartment in a multi-dwelling building that has a valid energy declaration with energy class A, B or C, i.e. in line with or above the energy consumption requirements set for new buildings in Sweden. The better the energy class, the greater the deduction on the mortgage interest. Our Green mortgage is green all the way from borrowing to lending. We hope that the Green mortgage will motivate more people to choose energy-efficient homes.


Sustainability-linked loans

In autumn 2023, SBAB will pay out the first sustainability-linked loan to a corporate customer. A sustainability-linked loan is a loan that must be used to achieve a strategic shift in the area of ​​sustainability. For SBAB, the sustainability-linked loan is a way to contribute our goal of reducing properties' climate impact, but can also include social goals such as safety goals in vulnerable areas.

Sustainable construction industry

The banking initiative Sustainable construction industry is a collaboration between six banks and aims to counter fraud and crime in the construction industry. The initiative was started by SBAB in 2018 and will be launched in autumn 2023. By taking into account a number of factors in the granting of credit, higher demands are placed on the bank's customer to have control over their production. The ambition is to create increased control over which workforce is used at all levels of suppliers. Through the industry initiative, the banks want to contribute to a more sustainable construction industry.

Fixed interest account for private individuals is launched

In November 2023, SBAB will launch a Fixed-interest account with fixed terms from 3 months to 5 years. A fixed-interest account is a safe savings that suits those who want to save for a little longer term with a decent interest rate. The money is secured with the deposit guarantee.


We help our customers in the green transition

At SBAB, we are experts in housing finance! We are professionals at calculating, financing and helping our customers make wise decisions. As a step towards our sustainability goals and our vision to realize the living and housing of the future, we want to make it easier for our customers to live energy efficiently. Therefore, in the spring of 2024, SBAB is launching the Kilowatt loan and the Kilowatt calculation.

The kilowatt loan

The kilowatt loan is a mortgage that gives our villa customers a discount on the interest when they increase their mortgage to energy-renovate their villa or holiday home. Of course at a nicer interest rate! With the Kilowatt loan, our villa customers get 0.20 percentage points in interest deduction for 10 years, a more energy-efficient home which saves money in the long run, while contributing to a more sustainable world.

The kilowatt calculation

To make it easier for our customers to understand the effect an energy renovation can have, the Kilowatt calculation will also be launched in the spring of 2024. Through it, our villa customers can see if they can lower their costs. With the Kilowatt calculation, our villa customers can easily calculate the cost, get a recommendation and make their next energy-saving decision a reality. In the Kilowatt calculation, the villa customer answers a few questions about his house, gets suggestions for measures and what he can save, and sees how he can make the plans a reality. The calculation should lower the threshold for exploring the possibilities of a sustainable heat source.

Varför ska du välja SBAB?

Det är viktigt att känna sig trygg med sitt boende och boendeekonomi. Tillsammans med våra tjänster Booli och Hittamäklare vill vi göra det enkelt för dig att ta bra beslut i livets alla boendefaser.