Overarching governance

SBAB is wholly owned by the Swedish government. The state’s ownership policy stipulates that state-owned enterprises should serve as role models in the area of sustainable business and otherwise act in a manner that generates public confidence.

Within SBAB, the Board is ultimately responsible for ensuring that active, long-term efforts to achieve sustainable development are carried out within the bank.

SBAB’s sustainability efforts are fully integrated in SBAB’s business plan. The Executive Management are to control and take decisions on priorities and strategic direction for sustainability in accordance with the decided business strategy. The Sustainability Marketing and Communication department (HMK) is led by the Head of HMK, who is a member of the Executive Management and reports to the CEO. HMK includes the Sustainability unit, which is led by the Head of Sustainability who reports to the Head of HMK and the CEO. The Sustainability unit is tasked with coordinating sustainability efforts at SBAB at an overall and total level, as well as in relation to the overriding target areas and their measurable goals, together with the individuals with operational responsibility in the business.

Sustainability Forum

SBAB has a Sustainability Forum with representatives from different parts of the operation who meet around two times per year. The representatives are well versed in SBAB’s sustainability efforts and are also responsible for managing these issues in their parts of the organisation. The Sustainability Forum is seen as a complement to the business planning, whereby sustainability is integrated into the business goals.

Sustainable Bond Committe

SBAB has a Sustainable Bond Committee (SBC) that regularly meets four times a year, or more often if needed. The aim of the SBC is to secure the process whereby green and sustainable bonds are issued, managed and discontinued. The SBC is comprised of seven individuals from different parts of the operations. The Chairman of the SBC is SBAB’s CFO.