Investing at SBAB

All tenant-owner associations can invest their surpluses in an SBAB account - without fees and at excellent interest rates.

SBAB Account

The SBAB account is suitable for savings to which the association wants easy access, while also generating favourable interest.​

  • Good interest from the first deposit
  • Variable interest rate
  • Free withdrawals
  • No fixation period
  • No fees
  • Government deposit guarantee


Investment Account

All tenant-owner associations can deposit their surplus in our Investment Account and receive a high interest rate for a predetermined period.The Investment Account is suitable for associations that can save somewhat larger amounts for an extended period.

  • Good interest from the first deposit
  • Fixed interest rate from one year and up to five years
  • Choose between various fixation periods
  • Minimum investment of SEK 40,000
  • Maximum investment of SEK 7,000,000 per day
  • Government deposit guarantee