Sustainability – how we work

We intend to contribute to sustainable and equitable societal development. We are passionate about creating opportunities and solving problems related to housing and household finances. 

SBAB has a responsibility for the people and areas of society affected by our business, both now and in the future. We want to be a part of changing the world and to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. We support our customers in their transition and enable them to make choices that promote a sustainable society.


We are goal-oriented

SBAB joined the UN Principles for Responsible Banking in 2020. This undertaking entails that we ensure our operations are aligned with the UN SDGs, the Paris Agreement and relevant national frameworks. We will identify and report our own most significant positive and negative impacts on society, the economy and the environment.

In 2022, SBAB adopted a climate goal aligned with the Paris Agreement, formulated as a long-term, challenging research-based and measurable goal. The goal is integrated into SBAB’s overarching structure and fulfilment will be reported annually in the Climate Report.

You can read more below about our climate goal, how sustainability is integrated into our business plan, how we work with the 2030 Agenda and how we govern our operations and report on sustainability.


Sustainability is the basis of our operations

Find out and how we governed our operations with our strategic and sustainable business targets.

We contribute to Agenda 2030

To ensure that all the power of SBAB's operations is used to contribute to a more sustainable housing market, we have identified and prioritized four of the UN's 17 sustainability development goals.

Annual report 2022

Read about the past year and how we worked to make the housing and mortgage market easier and more transparent and how we contribute to better housing and household finances.

Governance and policies

Our governance and policies are an important part of internal governance and help us become an even more sustainable company.