Our partnerships

Partnerships is a prerequisite for accelerating our social responsibility, which is a central and clear part of our mission. It is about social responsibility and initiatives within our core business, where we help to improve housing quality and household finances.

Situation Stockholm

Cooperation with Situation Stockholm

SBAB supports Situation Stockholm with the aim of contributing to an improvement in the housing situation for homeless people in Stockholm. The magazine, which is sold by the homeless, is a societal and cultural magazine whose idea is to attract readers and thereby create work and a personal income for the magazine’s sellers.

Cooperation with FC Rosengård

We want to contribute to better social housing environments in deprived areas. For this reason, we have been collaborating with the football club FC Rosengård since 2015, which runs the labour market project Boost in the Malmö region that aims to help unemployed youth find work or begin studying. Employees at SBAB contribute to the content of the project by teaching and giving lectures on a number of occasions each year, to increase the understanding of everyday personal finances.

Stockholms stadsmission

Cooperation with Stadsmissionen

Stadsmissionen carries out activities for homeless people and addicts. These activities are intended to help and give hope and courage to face life for vulnerable people who have no home of their own or otherwise live in deprived environments.

Cooperation with Faktum

SBAB supports the magazine Faktum with the aim of contributing to an improvement in the housing situation for homeless people in the southern part of Sweden.

Volunteering opportunities

Since spring 2016, all SBAB employees have been offered the chance to undertak two days of voluntary work per year at organisations that reflect our mission and operations. As a company, we contribute through our employees’ working hours, while employees contribute through their commitment.

Financial coalition in cooperation with Ecpat

Since 2012, we are members of the financial coalition against child pornography. The Financial coalition cooperates with Ecpat for the purpose of preventing and rendering it more difficult to trade in pictures featuring sexual abuse of children through financial systems on the Internet.