Adresses & Contact information

These are the addresses to our regional offices. You can contact any office at Keep in mind that we can only answer general questions about SBAB on e-mail.

Do you have questions about an ongoing application or about our products?

Log in to the internet bank and send us a message. As a private person, you can also call us on 0771-45 30 00. Corporate Clients and tenant-owner associations can reach us on 0771-45 30 30.

SBAB Stockholm

Box 4209
171 04 Solna
Address: Svetsarvägen 24

SBAB Karlstad

Box 1012
651 15 Karlstad
Address: Bogsprödsgatan 20

SBAB Göteborg

Box 53072
400 14 Göteborg
Address: Södra Larmgatan 13

SBAB Malmö

Address: Rundelsgatan 16
211 36 Malmö