Adresses & Contact information

If you have questions about your products at us, ongoing applications or other personal questions, you need to contact our customer service by phone or through a personal message. For general questions about SBAB, you can also send us an email. Keep in mind not to write any personal information such as personal identity number, account number or loan details when you email us at

Do you have questions about an ongoing application or about our products?

Log in to the internet bank and send us a message. As a private person, you can also call us on 0771-45 30 00. Corporate Clients and tenant-owner associations can reach us on 0771-45 30 30.

SBAB Stockholm

Box 4209
171 04 Solna
Address: Svetsarvägen 24

SBAB Karlstad

Box 1012
651 15 Karlstad
Address: Tingvallagatan 11

SBAB Göteborg

Box 53072
400 14 Göteborg
Address: Södra Larmgatan 13

SBAB Malmö

Box 4090
203 12 Malmö
Address: Baltzarsgatan 31