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Sustainability is intergrated into our business plan

In the process of creating a sustainable society, the business community, including SBAB, has a decisive role to play. Especially in times when we see uncertainty and ignorance in the housing market. We are passionate about our mission - help improve housing quality and household finances and take our task as a bank in this market for the most part. With openness and transparency do we want to improve the view of the banking and finance industry while helping our customers to realise their dreams — dreams of a home. We are convinced that we are helping to solve many of the society’s challenges we face today through our business.

With our mission as a starting point, we have reviewed our strategy of sustainable businesses and realize that we no longer distinguish between business goals and sustainability goals. SBAB thinks it's an old and in many ways inefficient way of working - the foundation for all activities must be sustainable. For each focus area, we have established a strategy and decided on directly measurable and followable goals. Together they form the basis for how we will drive our business forward and contribute to a sustainable development.

Our sustainable business goals

We govern our business within three overall business and sustainable target areas;

We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals 

We have identified and prioritized four of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals, which we consider to be particularly important and relevant to our operations. The selected goals have been decided based on extensive analysis work in the form of internal workshops and ranking exercises in business, management and board. The goals form an integral part of our sustainable management model and thus daily work.