Pressrelease | 2014-04-24

Decisions made by the 2014 Annual General Meeting of SBAB

At today’s Annual General Meeting of SBAB Bank AB (publ), Board Members Bo Magnusson, Jakob Grinbaum, Kristina Ekengren, Ebba Lindsö, Jane Lundgren Ericsson and Karin Moberg were re-elected. The Annual General Meeting also elected Lars Börjesson as a new Board Member. Bo Magnusson was elected as Chairman of the Board and Jakob Grinbaum as Deputy Chairman. Prior to the Meeting, Christer Åberg had declined re-election.

The Annual General Meeting also made the following decisions:

  • To approve the income statement and balance sheet, as well as the consolidated income statement and balance sheet.
  • That no dividend be paid for the financial year and that profit for the year and the profit brought forward be carried forward in a new account.
  • To discharge the Board Members and the CEO from liability.
  • To approve the Board’s proposed guidelines for remuneration of senior executives.
  • To amend the Articles of Association.
  • That fees to the Board Members for the period up until the end of the next Annual General Meeting be paid in the amount of SEK 430,000 to the Chairman of the Board and in the amount of SEK 215,000 to the other Board Members elected by the Annual General Meeting. The Annual General Meeting also decided to pay a fee of SEK 3,500 per meeting for work on committees set up by the Board. No fees are paid to Board Members that are employed at the Government Offices of Sweden or to employee representatives.
  • To elect the auditing firm KPMG AB as auditor for the period until the end of the 2015 Annual General Meeting. The firm of auditors has appointed Authorised Public Accountant Hans Åkervall as the auditor-in-charge.

All documentation pertaining to the Annual General Meeting can be found at SBAB’s website.

For further information, please contact:

Adrian Westman, Communications Manager, SBAB
Telephone: +46 735 09 04 00,