Apply for amortization relief

Our ambition is to assist, as far as possible, all customers who are somehow affected by the prevailing situation in the market linked to the corona virus. Therefore, we offer you who have suffered loss of income to apply for amortization relief for 6 or 12 months.

This means that during that time you only pay interest costs on your mortgage. Once these months have passed, there will be an opportunity to reapply for amortization relief if the situation has not changed.

You can easily apply for amortization relief at SBAB:s internet bank.

New proposals from Finansinspektion regarding amortization exemptions for mortgages

Finansinspektion (the monitoring authority of financial institutions in Sweden) proposes that all customers with a mortgage should be given the opportunity to pause the amortization of their mortgage, whether they have suffered an income loss or not. This proposal is planned to start from the 14th of April right up to the month of June 2021. If this proposal becomes applicable, it will be possible for all SBAB: s customers with mortgage to apply for amortization relief from the 14th of April right up to the month of June 2021.

How does amortization relief work? 

How to think about your amortization

Who can apply?

If you've experienced a loss of income due to the corona situation, you can easily apply for amortization relief. It doesn ́t matter whether your mortgages are fixed or variable today.

Good to know when you apply

  • The amortization relief applies to your entire mortgage loan, ie all your mortgages.
  • All persons who are borrowers on the loans need to understand and agree the change.
  • Should your financial circumstances change for the better, during the period of the amortization relief, you can notify us to resume your existing amortization rate.

How many months can I apply for amortization relief?

You can apply to pause your amortization for 6 or 12 months. Once these months have passed, it is possible to reapply if the situation persists.

I'm am worried about my personal finances due to the corona situation. Can I apply for an amortization relief already?

We understand that you are concerned under the circumstances. We can help you with an amortization relief if you get an actual loss of income related to the corona situation. If this occurs, you can apply for amortization relief via the internet bank or in the app.

When will my application be approved?

Once we have accepted your application, we will send a message to you in the internet bank and the SBAB-app. A few days later, you and your potential co-borrower will receive a new conditional attachment sent to the current people's registration address, or to your digital mailbox in Kivra.

Do I need to pay double amortization when my period of amortization relief has passed?

No, once your period of amortization relief has passed, you do not have to pay double amortization. If the situation persists is it the possible to reapply for amortization relief, if you choose not to reapply for an amortization relief, the loan will go back to the existing amortization rate.