Investing at SBAB

Registered Companies can invest their surpluses in an SBAB account - without fees and at excellent interest rates.

SBAB Account

All companies can invest their surplus in our SBAB Account - without fees and at a favourable interest rate.

  • Good interest from the first deposit
  • Variable interest rate
  • Free withdrawals
  • No fixation period
  • No fees
  • Government deposit guarantee


Investment Account

For companies that want to make larger investments, SBAB offers an Investment Account subject to fixed interest rates.The Investment Account is suitable for companies that can invest at least SEK 40.000 for a somewhat extended period and that want a favourable interest rate and low risks.

  • Good interest from the first deposit
  • Fixed interest rate from one year and up to five years
  • Choose between various fixation periods
  • Minimum investment of SEK 40,000
  • Maximum investment of SEK 7,000,000 per day
  • Government deposit guarantee

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