Sustainable Business

Our stakeholders

Our operations depend and have an impact on many different types of stakeholder. The ability to contribute to sustainable societal development requires our stakeholders to have confidence in us and the values we represent.

Our customers

Dialogue with our customers is at the core of SBAB’s operations and all customer feedback comprises valuable information. Our primary communication channels are the internet and telephone. Our customer centre in Karlstad answers questions regarding products and services, it also receives comments and suggestions. Irrespective of the communication channel, we always strive to give our customers professional, fast and polite service that exceeds the customer’s expectations. We conduct various types of customer surveys on an ongoing basis to obtain a clear understanding of customers’ perception of the company. These include customer panels, focus groups and measurements of the customer loyalty metric, Net Promoter Score (NPS). We also measure customer satisfaction with the Reputation Index from Nordic Brand Academy and Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (SKI (Swedish Quality Index)). One channel that is becoming increasingly important for communication with the company’s customers is social media. We maintain active dialogue with customers via Facebook, Twitter, our own blogs and Customer dialogues are also conducted through personal meetings, customer meetings, information from SBAB’s Head Economist and housing economists in the form of analyses and reports, the AGM, cr@sbab and


Motivated and committed employees are a prerequisite for our success and one of the most important drivers in meeting our adopted goals. We are a relatively small organisation with short decision paths, and where all employees are well informed about the company’s vision, objectives and results. We hold regular monthly and departmental meetings to inform and conduct dialogues with employees regarding the performance trend, goals and other relevant and current issues that pertain to the company. The employees’ opinions are leveraged through employee surveys and emplyee dialogues. The CEO has a regular blog on SBAB’s intranet that addresses current issues and the blog has an open comment function.


Investors’ relationships to SBAB are largely based on confidence in our employees, the company’s business model and sustainable economic development. Our strategy for sustainable business has also become increasingly relevant in pace with a growing number of investors integrating their sustainability aspects in their analyses and investment decisions. We have regular face-to-face meetings with Swedish and international investors. The aim is to keep investors well informed about the company’s financial performance, its bonds and strategies, and to give our vision of the economic trend for Sweden. For SBAB, investor dialogues mean greater understanding of the issues they deem important.


SBAB is wholly owned by the Swedish government. Owner governance of SBAB is exercised through general shareholder meetings, the elected Board of Directors in accordance with the Companies Act, the Articles of Association, and internal policies. SBAB applies the state’s ownership policy, whereby the government details its assignments and objectives, the applicable frameworks and its position on key policy issues pertaining to corporate governance at all state-owned companies. The ownership policy also means that SBAB applies the Swedish Corporate Governance Code. Since November 2014, the government department responsible has been the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation (formerly, the Ministry of Finance). SBAB’s Chairman and CEO meet with the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation semiannually to report SBAB’s performance, which also includes developments in sustainable business.