Sustainable Business

Our stakeholders

​Our business builds on our stakeholders having trust in SBAB and the values we represent. An open dialogue where we are attentive to our stakeholders’ needs and wishes will help us develop our business in the right direction so that long-term values are created. SBAB’s priority stakeholders are customers, the owner, employees and investors.

Our customers

The dialogue with our customers is at the heart of SBAB’s operations, and all customer feedback constitutes valuable information. Our main communication channels are the Internet and the telephone. The Customer Centre in Karlstad responds to enquiries regarding our products and services, and it also receives viewpoints and suggestions for improvement. Regardless of the communication channel, we always strive to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing professional, fast and friendly service. To obtain a clear picture of our customers’ views of the company, we regularly conduct various kinds of customer surveys. These include customer panels, focus groups and measurements using the customer loyalty measure Net Promoter Score (NPS). We also measure customer satisfaction through Svenskt Kvalitetsindex (Swedish Quality Index, SKI) and in 2015, we had Sweden’s most satisfied residential mortgage customers according to SKI, for the second consecutive year. It is important that our customers have confidence in us, and this is measured in the Reputation Index (Anseendebarometern). In 2015, our index number was 65.0 which is an improvement compared to the previous year.

Social media are becoming an increasingly important channel in the communication with the company’s customers. We maintain an active dialogue with our customers on Facebook, Twitter, our own blogs and The dialogue with our customers also takes the form of personal meetings, customer events, information from SBAB’s Economic Research unit in the form of analyses and reports, Annual General Meetings, cr@sbab and


Motivated and committed employees is a prerequisite for our success and one of the most important drivers to meet set objectives. SBAB is a relatively small organisation with short decision-making paths, whereby information on the company’s vision, targets and results is readily available to all employees. Regular monthly and departmental meetings are held to disseminate information and pursue a dialogue with employees regarding earnings trends, objectives and other relevant and current matters concerning the company. SBAB pays attention to employees’ opinions and viewpoints through annual employee surveys and career development discussions. The CEO posts regular blogs on the intranet on current issues, and his blog has an open comment function. Employees may also use the “Ask the CEO” function on our intranet. This allows employees to pose questions anonymously if desired, and all questions are answered by the CEO in person.


The relationship between investors and SBAB is based on confidence in our employees, the company’s business model and sustainable financial performance. Our sustainable business strategy has become increasingly relevant, as an increasing number of investors include sustainable business in their analyses and investment decisions. We regulary meet with Swedish and international investors in person. The purpose is to keep investors well informed about SBAB’s financial performance, the company’s bonds and strategies and to describe our view on economic trends in Sweden. For SBAB, the dialogue with investors provides a greater understanding of what issues are important to investors.


SBAB is wholly owned by the Swedish government. The owner’s governance of SBAB is exercised through the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors appointed by that Meeting in accordance with the Companies Act, the Articles of Association and internal guidelines. SBAB applies the Swedish Government’s ownership policy, in which the Government states the assignment and objectives, applicable frameworks and stance on key matters of principle regarding corporate governance in government-owned companies. The ownership policy also requires that SBAB adhere to the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. Since November 2014, the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation is the ministry in charge (instead of the Ministry of Finance). The Chairman of the Board and the CEO of SBAB meet with the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation on a quarterly basis to account for SBAB’s development, including developments in sustainable business. Additionally, the ministry in charge regularly organises networking meetings with sustainability managers and other relevant employees of government-owned companies to discuss sustainability issues in particular. It is our ambition to always be present at such meetings, which are also valuable opportunities for dialogue and exchanging information on how other government-owned companies work with sustainable business issues.