Sustainable Business

Focus areas

SBAB’s Board of Directors has adopted three particularly important focus areas within sustainable
business, which together form the basis for a common approach to SBAB’s contribution to
sustainable development in society.

Sound finances 

As a bank, we are a part of society’s basic infrastructure. Well-functioning banks contribute to development and employment in society. We create conditions that allow our retail customers to build financial security by saving and borrowing money in the different stages of life, and we enable companies to operate and grow. It also means that we need to take responsibility for how value is created in the company and that it is done in a manner that creates public confidence in us and our operations. Sound finances and long-term profitability are essential for our operations and investments in them to be sustainable and beneficial to society’s development. We measure profitability through set targets for Return on Equity and Common Equity Tier 1 capital ratio.

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Responsibility and transparency

Responsibility as a creditor: We strive to offer financial products that are sustainable for individuals as well as for companies, tenant-owner associations and society in general. A prerequisite for this is a sound credit granting. This involves being clear and open regarding terms and conditions for products and ensuring that sales and marketing are conducted in a responsible manner. It is important that our customers fully understand the terms and conditions when they purchase a product or service from us and that they feel secure when they make important financial decisions. We strive to be easily understood and to be clear and transparent throughout the credit process. Our customer should feel secure having SBAB as their creditor and in their financial commitments. It is also important that we, as a bank, contribute to the prevention of financial crime and maintain high standards with regard to banking security and confidentiality to protect our customers and minimise the risk that the company is used in connection with financial crime.

Responsibility as an employer: SBAB’s employees are the company’s most important asset. To achieve our vision and set objectives, it is important that we have committed employees and leaders who are motivational and set a good example.

Sustainable housing

The level of engagement and knowledge is high within SBAB, and we want to use our operations to contribute to better housing and better housing finances – in short, sustainable housing. Sweden faces numerous social challenges that are economically, socially or environmentally linked to housing. Based on business intelligence, stakeholder and materiality analyses, we have adopted clear objectives for our continued work within this focus area.