Sound finances

Our responsible and transparent loans and savings services contribute to better housing and household finances for our customers and for society.

We invest for long-term competitiveness and we are growing and capturing market shares. Growth and cost efficiency lead to profitability and sound finances.

As part of the housing market and financial system, SBAB has a responsibility to promote a national economy that is sustainable over the long term. Well-functioning banks contribute to growth, societal development and employment and constitute an important element of financial stability.

To ensure SBAB’s long-term competitiveness, our operations need investments. Investments, in turn, require growth and large business volumes. We want to grow responsibly, with good profitability and always at an acceptable risk. Good profitability requires high long-term cost efficiency with low marginal costs for growth and developing the customer offering.

Sound finances are a prerequisite for our ability to achieve sustainable operations, and by extension to create value for SBAB, our stakeholders and society in general.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Within this target area we contribute to this goal in various ways

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