Responsibility and transparency

As a bank, we fulfil an important societal function. We are part of a financial infrastructure that enables consumers to purchase their own home and companies to finance residential properties. With this comes great responsibility.

We strive to offer financial products and services that are sustainable, both for the individual, the real estate company or the housing association, as for society as a whole. This means that we as a bank are:

Responsible and transparent offering

Sound and responsible credit granting is the very foundation of our operations. For us, this involves being open and clear in respect of our terms, conditions and products, and that we responsibly conduct sales, marketing and credit approvals. We think it is important to spread information and share our expertise, insights and skills. Thanks to access to large amounts of data, we proactively engage in dialogues with our customers in order to increase awareness and transparency in the housing and credit markets.

Our operations build on trust

As a bank, we regularly manage large amounts of sensitive data, including personal information about our customers. It is crucial that we respect personal integrity, act ethically and ensure a high level of security if we are to win the confidence of our customers and the general public in SBAB.

Together for the climate

The business sector, including SBAB, has an important role to play in achieving the national and international climate and environmental goals. We support and finance sustainable housing that results in less environmental impact. We also develop products and services that help our customers think and act more sustainably in everything that involves the home.

An inclusive housing market

Through dialogues and collaboration, we want to contribute to improved, healthier and more inclusive housing environments. We believe that it is important that communities and homes are built based on the preconditions that apply today, and perhaps more importantly, tomorrow.

Read more about the target area in our annual report Pdf, 6.1 MB..


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