Attractive workplace

SBAB’s employees are the company’s most important asset by far. Motivated and committed employees are a prerequisite for our success, competitiveness and long-term value creation.

To achieve our vision, we need everyone who works at SBAB to be engaged, motivated and to share our attitude and values. We dedicate as much focus to our employees’ experience as we do to the customer experience. SBAB strives for all employees to feel comfortable being themselves, to have balance in their lives and to feel like we are all contributing and growing together.

We work actively to develop our values-driven way of working, with self-driven employees and inclusive leadership at its core. It is a matter of giving everyone at SBAB the tools and courage they need to take initiatives, make wise decisions and implement and test new ideas. That is how we create the speed necessary to build a competitive company in today’s rapidly changing market.

SBAB emphasises the value of employees with different experiences. At our company, it is a given that everyone has the same rights, obligations and opportunities in every aspect related to the workplace. We want SBAB to be an equal workplace with a high level of integrity that encourages differences and diversity. We are convinced that a mixture of opinions, talents and backgrounds enriches and strengthens our company and thereby our competitiveness.

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

Within this target area we contribute to this goal in various ways

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