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Sound finances

Sound finances mean strong own funds and profitability. Growth and cost-efficiency are crucial for creating long-term profitability. Profitability is a precondition for being able to make investments in long-term competitiveness. Sound finances enable us to run SBAB responsibly and sustainably.

As part of the financial system, we also have a responsibility to promote a national economy that is sustainable over the long term. Well-functioning banks contribute to societal development and employment and constitute an important element of financial stability. Sound finances are a prerequisite for our ability to achieve this, as well as to create value for our stakeholders and society in general.


In recent years, banking operations have become increasingly complex and demanding due to regulatory developments, especially around issues concerning customer experiences, reporting, capital and liquidity. This increased complexity has led to an increased need for investments that increase fixed costs for conducting banking operations. Digitalisation and new customer behaviours fundamentally change the value of our customer offering, how it is offered and what the customer pays for each product and service. In general, the trend is towards the banks’ marginal costs for offering digital services approaching zero. When necessary investments have been made, the banks’ marginal costs are extremely low, which means that the price the customer pays for a digital banking service on a competitive market is also very low. One exception is the price on money borrowed – this is a finite resource, and borrowing money entails a risk. Borrowed money therefore always has a price. SBAB is a digital bank. We have no traditional branch offices. Our customer experience and customer offering takes place through digital channels and the telephone. Cost-efficiency is therefore crucial for our long-term competitiveness. We invest in our operations for the purpose of attaining extremely low marginal costs, in order to ensure long-term competitiveness.

Responsible growth

Growth is central for companies on competitive markets. If they do not grow, they shrink — there are always competitors who are interested in your customers. If they grow, it is proof that their customer offering is in demand. To ensure SBAB’s long-term competitiveness, our operations need investments. Not only to improve our customer offering, but also to make ourselves even more efficient so that our growth takes place at low marginal costs. Our investments will make us efficient, so that the marginal costs for growing with more customers and larger volumes become so low that we will always be able to offer competitive terms on our credits and services. This is responsible growth.

Responsible growth also involves pursuing responsible provision of credit. Our provision of credit must be sustainable over the long term, with very low loan losses. We do not want our customers to have problems paying interest and amortisations. We have a responsibility to finance homes for customers who are creditworthy. We always need to get better, and more efficient, at assessing creditworthiness so as to ensure that SBAB’s risk taking is always reasonable and that the customer, in accordance with their conditions, borrows the right amount at the right price and can manage to pay interest and amortisations even when conditions have changed. For some time now, we have achieved lower LTV ratios and indebtedness rates in our lending portfolio. This development is the result of conscious, continual work that involved aspects such as developing existing credit rules and implementing more risk-based pricing. In addition, we have worked on distribution and customer communications customised for target groups.