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Responsibility and transparency

As a bank, we fulfil an important societal function. We are part of a financial infrastructure that enables consumers to purchase their own home and companies to finance residential properties. With this comes great responsibility.

We strive to offer financial products and services that are sustainable, both for the individual, the real estate company or the housing association, as for society as a whole. Healthy and responsible lending is absolutely crucial to us. This means that we as a bank are:

  • Clear and open about our terms and products.
  • Carry out sales, marketing and credit granting in a responsible manner.
  • Ensures that our customers fully understand the terms when they buy a product or service from us and feel safe.

By being open, simple and transparent, we want to help and improve the view of the banking and finance industry. In addition, we want to proactively dialogue with our customers to raise awareness and transparency in housing and mortgage loans.

Responsibility and transparency...

We strive to be straightforward, clear and transparent in our offering. Our customers should always feel secure in having SBAB as their creditor. In the fourth quarter of 2017, 83% (82) of our residential mortgage customers believed that SBAB has an offering that is straightforward and easy to understand. Transparent and straightforward pricing of residential mortgages is appreciated by our customers and we consider this is a natural part of an open and trustworthy customer relationship. Our pricing of residential mortgages is based on the current listed rates for each maturity, as published on The customer’s specific interest rate is presented as a deviation from the list rate, and this deviation is based on the size of the loan and the loan to- value (LTV) ratio of the property. The LTV ratio can be described as the proportion of loans in relation to the market value of the property. By visiting, our customers can work out for themselves the interest rate they would receive based on various loan amounts and LTV ratios. In December 2017, the difference between SBAB’s average and list rates was 0.16 percentage points on a three-month fixed-rate mortgage. This is a low figure in relation to the industry average, which reflects our aim of being as transparent as possible in our pricing.

... leads to satisfied customers

We believe that responsible and transparent credit granting is a prerequisite for having satisfied customers. For three consecutive years, we had Sweden’s most satisfied residential mortgage customers according to Swedish Quality Index (SKI). In the 2017 survey, we ended up third. With a customer satisfaction score of 72.3 out of 100, we rank well above the sector average of 66.7 (65.7). In the segment for residential property lending, we finished second, with a customer satisfaction score of 72.3 out of 100, in relation to the sector average at 68.6 (67.3). We will continue to work even harder to achieve top ratings from SKI for the most satisfied customers in both segments.

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Within this target area, we contribute in various ways to these goals:

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