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Attractive workplace

We who work at SBAB are the company’s most important asset by far. Motivated and committed employees are a prerequisite for SBAB’s success, competitiveness and long-term value creation.

For us, it is vital that everyone at SBAB has job satisfaction, that we feel good, that we can be ourselves and that we feel that we can jointly contribute and develop every day. SBAB emphasizes the value of employees with diverse backgrounds. At our company, it is a given that all employees have the same rights, obligations and opportunities in every aspect related to the workplace. We want SBAB to be an equal workplace with a high level of integrity that encourages differences and diversity. We are convinced that a mixture of competencies and backgrounds enriches our company.

We measure the progress we have made in our perception of an attractive workplace through our annual employee survey in cooperation with the company Great Place to Work and through other quarterly surveys. The aims of such surveys are to deepen our understanding of our employee’s satisfaction and how they experience the workplace, based on a number of fundamental needs in the areas of trust, pride and camaraderie. In so doing, we want to create a basis for analysis and a more involved dialogue at departmental and team level, while establishing a clearer understanding of the activities we should be focusing on to improve or maintain our employees’ experiences of SBAB.

UN Sustainable Development Goals 

Within this target area we contribute to this goal in various ways

Ikon för FN:s globala mål nr 8