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Open an account on the website

You identify yourself with your BankID. Your address information will then be obtained. If the information is correct, you can then approve the terms and conditions for the account and click on Sign.

You sign with your BankID. An account has now been created and you will receive a confirmation with your account number directly on the screen.

You can also open a joint account with others. Each account can have up to four account-holders. All account-holders need their own BankID to approve the terms and conditions of the account here on our website.

The other joint account-holders have three months to approve the terms and conditions for the account, otherwise the application for an account will be cancelled. If you open an account with several account-holders, it is important to know that every account-holder has access to the account.

All account-holders approve the terms and conditions directly here on the website.

Technical requirements

To be able to open an account or to log in on the My savings page, your browser must accept cookies. Your computer must also support Java technology.