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Mortgage Secure

Mortgage Secure covers your loan payments if you become involuntarily unemployed or if you must take sick leave due to sudden and unexpected accident or injury.

The insurance goes into effect 60 days after you become unemployed or begin your sick leave. Compensation is a maximum of SEK 15,000 per month and is paid for a maximum of one year. If you become unemployed during the first six months of coverage, no compensation will be paid. The mortgage insurance applies until you reach the age of 65 if you do not redeem your loan before then.

Who is eligible for Mortgage Secure?

  • Those aged 20 to 60
  • Those who have an SBAB mortgage or have applied for one
  • Those who are completely healthy and able to work
  • Those who are registered residents of Sweden
  • Those who have had permanent employment of at least 22 hours per week for at least the past six months
  • Business owners who are members of unemployment insurance funds

Mortgage Secure does not cover the following

Mortgage Secure does not cover an inability to work that is due to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Burnout, stress or depression
  • Mental illness or other mental disorder

In addition, the mortgage insurance does not cover unemployment that is due to:

  • Partial unemployment, unemployment after temporary employment or seasonal unemployment
  • If the layoff warning or layoff was known or if the insured should have known about it when the insurance policy was approved
  • Voluntary unemployment


The premium for mortgage insurance is dependent on age and loan payment. Contact us for price information.