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Our corporate culture

Vision, values ​​and goals are important things for us. We spend a lot of time on it and therefore we want to share how we think. We want a high pace of change and then we need support from our culture so that we can keep the right direction into the future.

Our simple governance model

SBAB’s governance model clearly and simply describes where we are going, what steps we will take to get there and how we will achieve it. Achieving a balance between “what” and “how” is a prerequisite for achieving our vision — to offer the best residential mortgages in Sweden.

The strength in SBAB comes from our self-driven employees that solves challenges and takes wise decisions.


At SBAB, our vision is the guiding principle in everything we do. It constantly encourages us to improve. Offering the best residential mortgages in Sweden entails great demands for innovation and mindfulness

We have a broad mission that comprises many different dimensions. It governs our conduct and our offering to customers — everything we do as part of our operations should directly or indirectly lead to improved housing quality and household finances. Our mission clarifies that sustainability is an integrated part of our business.


Our business idea is to be mindful and innovative in our offering of loan and savings products to consumers, tenant-owners’ associations and property companies in Sweden.

Our business model is based on high efficiency, low marginal costs, a low level of risk, competitive market funding and sustainable growth in customer volumes.

We have formulated a number of supporting strategies with the aim of illustrating the way to offer the best residential mortgages in Sweden and clarify our position in the area of housing and household finances. These include IT, HR, sustainability and brand strategies, among others.

Our business builds on our stakeholders having confidence in SBAB and the values we represent. Confidence is a result of compliance with the laws and regulations — both external and internal — that govern and influence our work, but it is also a result of our actions as a company.


We work actively to develop our value-driven working approach, with our self-driven employees and inclusive leadership at its core. A value-driven working approach involves always ensuring we work with our values in mind — using them as a basis to consistently practise, talk, discuss and give feedback. It is a matter of giving our employees the tools and courage they need to take initiatives, make their own decisions and implement and test new ideas.


We have a mission that has many different dimensions. It explains why we exist and what our operations contribute. Our mission gives us energy and makes us committed. It is what makes us proud and is the reason why we go to work each day — to do good things for our customers, for society and for SBAB. Our mission explains that our business is responsible and sustainable and that we play an important part in the national economy.

Our values

Our values ​​are the foundation in who we are and how we act. Simply put, the glue of our entire company. Our values are what we can lean on when we are unsure how to do things. At SBAB, we want all employees to keep our values in mind in their daily lives and work.

We work fast

and smart

I’m ready to challenge and think innovatively

I act promptly and deal with issues

We test and learn

We keep it simple

We assume responsibility —

from start to finish

I think one step ahead

We take decisions where issues can be solved

We are careful with money

We act sustainably

We are proud professionals

I act professionally

We are all responsible for our clients

We foster long-term relationships

I continuously develop my skills

We love doing business

Together — we succeed

We meet targets and celebrate successes

I am direct and clear

I share my expertise with everyone

I make a difference and focus on the bigger picture

I am unassuming and caring

Do you want to know more?

We really are passionate about our corporate culture and proud of it. If you are curious about what we are doing or something else, please contact any of our employees and they will gladly tell you more. There is so much more interesting subjects to discuss.

Camilla - Competence developer

In my job within Human Resources I have always appreciated our values. I constantly work to contribute to building a stronger culture at SBAB and use it to increase our competence.

Jimmy - Branding & Recruitments

I have always had a huge interest in coporate culture questions. I had the oppurtunity to be part of the entire implementation of our governance model. Our culture at SBAB is the main reason I enjoy working her so much. My main focus lies within SBAB TECH.

Jenny - Team manager

Building a strong culture at SBAB is one of my passions along with a well-functioning team. It is natural to me to involve our values in my everyday work. Our way of thinking and acting at SBAB helps us in creating a better company.

Our symbols

We have developed a number of symbols to breathe life into SBAB’s values. They are practical tools for daily life and symbolise how we are to act in our day-to-day work.

The lighthouse represents the signals we send out — that we are all role models and ambassadors.

The helicopter represents our ability to see the bigger picture — lifting up to get an overview, like a helicopter

The glass of water represents trust. The glass fills up slowly by our positive actions, whereas water spills out when we act incorrectly.

The door represents courage — daring to open unknown doors, try out new pathways and think innovatively.

The ladder symbolises our ability to take our own initiatives. Being high up this ladder means taking initiatives and taking action. Lower down on the ladder are victims, people who complain and wait around.

The egg represents our approach to taking responsibility. This is constant, meaning we also take responsibility beyond our function.